Desktop for craft jewellery making with professional tools.

Creating a bespoke design

After an initial consultation and a concept or design idea has been agreed, we usually start with showing you a selection of diamonds to suit your budget. These are selected in accordance with the 4C’s grading system and carry a report from the GIA or IGI grading houses. These diamonds can also be viewed online on our custom ring website.

Engagement and wedding rings.

We bring your dream to reality. Any design can be made and we understand the importance and trust you put in us to produce a piece that will evoke memories of your special day forever.

Latest C.A.D Design Software

These design ideas are then transferred onto our cad software and a 3d cad image is produced. We can fine tune the design and alterations can be made from your feedback. Extra stones can be added or removed and resized, and the design can be viewed in a variety of precious metal finishes.

An image will then be sent to you for approval.


3D Print Piece In Wax

Once the design has been approved it is sent to the latest 3D printer to produce a wax model of the piece of jewellery.

A mould is then taken and using traditional lost wax casting methods, a cast is produced in the metal of your choice.

Traditional Methods & The Latest Technology

The cast piece is then handed to our master craftsman who using traditional methods and over many hours meticulously create the settings and set the diamonds. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and trained and show the same commitment to their work with every bespoke piece we create.  They combine traditional techniques with the latest lasers and micro setting tools to produce a piece ready for final polishing.

The jewellery is sent to the polishing machine, where after many different grades of wheel and compound it is ready for cleaning. Finally it is taken to the Assay office to be tested and hallmarked with the correct metal markings.

Arrange a consultation
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